The Outfitter Interview Series : Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters

Date Posted: 1-27-12

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The Outfitter Interviews: Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters.

This ohio trophy buck outfittersweek, we caught up with Ty Moore from Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters. Ty has been hunting trophy whitetail and turkey for many years now and his set-up down in Coshocton County attracts avid hunters year after year,
keen trying their luck in this fruitful land.

Guideloop: We all know that Ohio is one of the best places in North America to hunt big Whitetails. What makes Coshocton County stand out from the rest of the state?


Ty Moore: We are in a farm belt different from the rest of the state. Coshocton County also offers a great mix of rolling hills, woods, crp and creek bottoms. It’s not like the flat lands to the North and to the East. It’s also not like the step terrain to the West and to the South. Coshocton county is that magical spot in between that just attracts a lot of deer.

GL: How was last season for you at Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters?


TM: Last ohio trophy buck outfittersseason was a great year for us. We harvested a record number
of bucks along with a record number of does. Not only was our harvest up,
but the quality of the bucks was like no other year. It just keeps on getting better year after year. This can be seen on our harvest photos on the website.


GL: What year would you say has been the best for Whitetails in Ohio?


TM: Every year is a great year for whitetails in Ohio. As I mentioned
before every year for us gets better.

GL: We know it’s a tough question, but what do you prefer hunting with, bow, muzzleloader or gun?


TM: I prefer Bow myself; this is mainly due to the fact that it is more challenging. With a gun it always seems as though it is nothing but luck to harvest a mature buck. With a bow I feel as though I had figured out the deer and to get him within 20 – 30 yards, that’s an accomplishment.

GL: What are your predictions for whitetail season across Ohio in 2012?


TM: I look forward to another great harvest year for Ohio. Also look forward to see what new record bucks come out of Ohio.

GL: What equipment do you use for your whitetail and turkey hunts?


TM: We ohio trophy buck outfittersuse a mixture of ladder stands, feeders, and food plots.

GL: Is there any equipment coming out in 2012 that you are excited about?

TM: Nothing that I can think of. Other than the new ground blinds by Nature Blinds. Our retail store will be the Ohio dealer:Woodbury Outfitters.


GL: What advice would you have for somebody looking to book a hunt for next season with Trophy Buck Outfitters?

TM: It is simply this: call the references and also ask for non-kill references. Almost everyone that kills is happy.


To talk to Ty Moore about hunting whitetail down in Coshocton County, his newly acquired 511 acres of hunting ground and to book a whitetail hunting trip, visit the Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters website.

16 Comments about The Outfitter Interview Series : Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters

  1. Chris raiti says:

    These guys are by far one of the best outfitters out there am their loge to food an hunting grounds are awsome.TY an joe have a top notch operation an they have huge bucks,you will not be disappointed with these guys!!

  2. Fran Dinco says:

    Informative interview, especially reason for Coshocton county producing such large bucks. if I only had one place to hunt, it would be Coshocton county; one outfitter, Ohio Trophy Bucks. Never taken a buck there, but I have passed numerous better than average ones.

  3. Brian Rumsky says:

    I hunted Archery with Ohio Trophy buck in 2010 had a great time ,I was not able to seal the deal on a mature buck but that was my fault , as i had a few well withen bow range,the location i hunted kept my eyes focused all week as i only had a very small period of time in which there was no game around me. When the hunt was over for the evening back to the lodge we go , and awaiting us was a great meal almost as though our mother or grandmother had cooked, excellent. Everything was excellent, The people, the guides, the food, I will Be Hunting there agin No Doubt About it

    Brian Rumsky

  4. coleby etherton says:

    My name is Coleby, and I’ve been to ohio trophy buck outfitters twice for their youth hunt. In 2009, I killed a nice 9 pointer on the first day. In 2011, I killed a nice buck on the second evening. I’m going back this year for another youth hunt. They have a great outfitter service, along with a awsome lodge and great food. I can’t wait to go back.

  5. David Swindull says:

    Been bow hunting with Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters since their first years of operation. I have seen personally the success they have been experiencing in both the quality and quanity of their deer harvest. I have years that I kill nice bucks along with years that I don’t kill. The one thing that remains constant year after year is the possibility to kill a trophy buck, along with the kindness and comfort provided by the Tye and his staff.
    If you hunt smart and listen to your outfitter this is the place for you. If you want to wander around your hunting area and then go back to camp and complain that you are not seeing any game, then save your money and stay home. It is that simple.

  6. Chuck Burgess says:

    I would just like to say that Ohio Trophy Buck Oufitters is a top notch. Great group of guys. I am from North Carolina and this was my first whitetail hunt out of state. It was a whole different world to me as far as the terrain and learning the deer patterns. But with the very helpful info from the guides ( Ty and Rick) iI was able to get on alot of deer including the biggest buck I have ever seen. Only I could not get him in range. Also passed on a nice buck the first day I sit in the stand. Definately will be back next season with a little more knowledge to get it done. Anyone looking for a great week of hunting with a great group of guys and accomdations give them a call. Thanks Ty and Rick.

  7. David Gilmore says:

    Top notch outfitter, guide and friend. Been hunting with them for 7 years now and I don’t plan on missing a season. Quality land, quality and quantity of deer, excellent knowledge and extremely honest, helpful and dedicated outfitter/guide! None better in my opinion………been hunting whitetail since 1981, several states and Canada, no plans on going anywhere but here in the future. See ya this fall!!
    Dave Gilmore from Pennsylvania.

  8. Kevin Shaw says:

    My father and myself hunted the late season muzzleloader this year. Even with a full moon and 60 degree temps the hunt was good.Several bucks were killed including a 174 monster. The lodge is first class as well as all of Ty’s people.

  9. Bob Temple says:

    I’ve been hunting with Ty n Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters for the last 5 years. They’re hunting n commoderity is of top notch quality. I’ve hunted other guides n they don’t come close to the job Ty n his coworkers at the lodge get done the week you’re joining them.

  10. Rick Lee says:

    I just booked my third consecutive hunt with Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters. They are a top
    shelf outfit. The accommodations are great, and the leases are fantastic. I have yet to encounter guides who work any harder for their clients then those of Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters.
    If you are looking for an opportunity to harvest a wall hanger in Ohio
    I believe you would be hard pressed to find a better bunch of guys to hunt with
    Then Joe, Ty and Rick of OTB.

  11. Paul Moody says:

    I met Ty at the Detroit Outdoor Expo 4 years ago and have been hunting with him in Ohio ever since. I’ve taken many does and seen great bucks taken, but am still waiting to bag my trophy. Not Ty’s fault, as I had a near miss this past season with a great buck! Their facility is new and clean, his staff is friendly and fun and the true test is that many hunters come back every year. I would highly recommend Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters to any archer that is looking for a great experience and a chance at a fair chase trophy buck.

    • Adrian says:

      Look at numebr 3 deer from the left..can you say ”Haus”…man that is one chunky deer…nice photo..i love these old pics also..nothing was easy way back.

  12. Tim Hanrahan says:

    Top Shelf! The level of service and the quality of the hunts that Ty Moore and Joe Miller provide are second to none. I love it there. The farm properties they possess hold some BIG buck. There are scrapes and rubs and heavy deer runs everywhere. Every morning is a new chance to get the buck of a lifetime. It is exciting. I have not killed the big one yet, but I feel like it could happen any time. The camp itself is a real pleasure. Excellent sleeping and eating facilities and great cooks. You feel more like a family member than a hunting customer. Hunting with Ty is like hunting with a brother. I can’t wait to get back. Tim.

  13. Elmer Wolf says:

    I have hunted in several different states with many different guides. last year was my first time in Ohio with Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters. We had a great time, the entire staff from cooks to guides worked hard to show us a great time. I shot my personal best buck last year and i’ll be back next year looking for another ohio monster. Elmer Wolf

    • Perla says:

      Thats a damn fine buck, he shuold be proud that he killed it. You never forget your first buck. Killing a deer with a bow is very challenging and rewarding, nothing to be ashamed of there.

  14. Dylan Smith says:

    My name is Dylan Smith. I am 10 years old. I hunted at Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters on a youth hunt in November 2011. I didn’t kill a deer but had a great time. I saw alot of deer but not what I wanted. I am going back in 2012 because I had a awesome time. The whole experience from hunting to the lodge to the food was the best. Ty spent alot of time preparing for my hunt and made it extra special for me. He is the best. I am counting down the days till I go back. Dylan Smith

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